Production Processes

Meet our different production processes

Cutting Process

Maxividro has a fully automated glass storage system. All received glass sheets are identified and classified. This is the first procedure that ensures traceability of the product.

The Jumbo glass sheets 6000*3210 are automatically positioned in the cutting lines.

  • Cutting line for monolithic glass / Low-E (thickness 3mm to 19mm)
  • Forel vertical cutting line for laminated glass (thickness 33.1 to 1010.2)

Vertical Saw 6000*3210 for cutting multi-laminated glass

Manufacturing Process

After being cut, the glass is moved to the manufacturing area, where the edges are cut according to the required levels of finish, and transformations, such as holes and carving, are processed.

  • Set of Bilaterals and Rectilinear
  • Vertical CNC for automated positioning and numerical control

Tempering and Curving Glass

Maxividro has a convection tempering furnace by North Glass with the dimensions Jumbo 6000*3210 that allows tempering and thermosetting the glass up to the maximum dimensions of 6000*3210. Maxividro has been reaching excellent levels of local and global planimetry of glass, allowing it to be laminated after being tempered.

  • Thickness: 4 to 19mm
  • Dimensions: maximum size 6000*3210

Curving glass process is done in the tempering furnace, and the maximum dimensions of the glass sheet are of 3000mm*3200mm and a minimum radius of 1500mm. All curved glass has been tempered.

Heat Soak Test

We have the necessary equipment to conduct the HST test with the maximum dimensions of 6000*3210.

The HST Test is a thermal process that complements the tempering process and it is used to eliminate the glass that carries the risk of spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulphide inclusion.

Digital Printing

The Digital In-Glass Printing Line by Dip Tech is the most recent acquisition of Maxividro. This line reflects the company’s constant effort to obtain the equipment technologically more developed and able to process the latest architectural trends in glass.

This digital printing line directly applies ceramic ink over the glass, using software with 24 print heads. This technology allows to “print” in glass any picture without restrictions on colour and has a long-lasting durability. After being printed, glass follows to the tempering process.

Considering the size, the maximum dimensions of the glass sheet is 6000*3200.

Laminating Process

We laminate different types of glass, using the EVA (Ethylene – Vinyl – Acetate) glass lamination technology.

Double-Glazing Process

The double-glazing process consists of placing 2 panes of glass in a spacer bar in which the space between the panes of glass is hermetically-sealed with treated air or argon gas. The sealing system of this set is ensured by a double leak proof barrier.

  • Bystronic Double-glazing Line, maximum dimensions 6000*3210
  • HI Tech Triple and Double-glazing Line, maximum dimensions 6000*3210

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