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In 1994 Maxividro emerged in the glass sector and focused on distribution in the national market and in other geographic markets. Since the beginning, Maxividro aimed its efforts at markets with a high growth potential as Brazil, Cuba, Angola, Mozambique and also Cape Verde, turning the export market into a crucial area for its sustained growth.

Also during this same year, Maxividro acquired part of Vidromax; an industrial company specialized in processing flat glass. The evolution of both companies had shown that Maxividro had a dominant position inside Vidromax in 1998, the same year in which the production shifted onto double glazing, with a huge investment in a new transformation unit.

Nowadays, the holding company Activa, S.G.P.S. includes Maxividro, Vidromax and Maxividro Ibérica and works in transforming all glass categories for construction works. This business group has grown, driven by the solid synergy between Maxividro’s commercial experience and the deep technological know-how in the production area of Vidromax and internationalisation is the most recent answer to the market demand where it works.

The internalization of different glass transformation processes guaranteed to increase the capacity of glass production that covers contemporary technical solutions, with a reduction in energy costs and with optimized thermal and acoustic performances.

Focusing on the construction and architectural markets, the companies of the business group offer, nowadays, solutions that satisfy the most demanding and creative construction projects, either it is related to security aspects, solar control, and acoustic insulation or to architectural and decoration proposals. Considering the structural element – pillars, beams and floors – as well as innovative applications, as Curved Glass or Double Glazing with incorporated blinds or also cover materials for buildings, Activa’s answers keep up or anticipate the trends that are found in the increasingly demanding and developing construction market.


A young and highly qualified workforce team up with highly experienced technicians, ensuring that the service and technical support levels are capable to fulfil the most demanding requests. The ongoing training and a permanent attitude towards innovation make productive performances possible at an international level, concerning the new generation of glass.


Maxividro is well equipped with online means of production which connect it to its international peers and are suitable for the trends in the sector. A regular monitoring of the technology centre is part of the company’s routine, dictating when necessary new investments in order to keep the business group at the forefront of innovation.